Engineering Love

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In my previous article I talked about how you don’t get a woman to fall in love with you by things you say,

Because love actually happens when she’s away from you,

  • when she can’t stop thinking about you,
  • when she finds herself repeating your name in her mind over and over again,
  • And although she doesn’t quite understand why, she wants to see you so bad it HURTS

That’s love. And its something you can actually “engineer.”

The “Emotion Game”

Love is what I call an “Emotions Game.”

And its all about getting a woman emotionally addicted to you. So that you can fully capture her attention.

You’ve probably already heard the saying “create a roller-coaster of emotions” for her. But my guess is you don’t fully understand the concept.

I say this because every day I get emails from guys asking:

“How do I talk about emotions” with her?”

“What are some emotional topics?”


Getting a girl “emotionally” addicted to being around you is NOT about talking about specific emotions..

Its about creating them in her.

Yes. Your ONLY job is to create full range of emotions in a woman. Most guys stop at the obvious ones like anger, joy, horniness…

But the real “Gems”, the ones that create the drama, intrigue, and fascination that captures a woman’s mind are the less obvious ones:

  • anticipation
  • surprise
  • trust
  • confusion

Its the surprise that keeps her on her toes, that holds her interest, that has wondering what’s coming next.

Its during the confusion of trying to figure you out , that you begin to occupy a larger and larger space in her mind

Its during the anticipation of waiting for your next text that she begins to convince herself she’s in love with you,

Love does NOT happen when you’re completely content. This is why most “nice” guys lose girl they really like.

Love happens when you start to feel like you’re losing control,

Think about the last time you were in love with a girl. I bet you felt a little powerless a little helpless, and had a constant sense of a little anxiety,

And the only “fix” was the woman.

And that feeling, love, is something you can engineer.

In the “Seduction Weapons” portion of Unlock Her Legs I give 12 weapons of seduction.

These are 12 ways to induce specific emotions in a woman,

These are 12 ways to capture her attention and basically have her thoughts glued on you,

Until she begins to think she’s in love with you,


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