2 Techniques to Gain the Upper Hand with a Girl

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I bet you didn’t know this,

Every time a guy and a girl start talking, one person tries harder, and the person who tries harder holds less power. Once she recognizes that she has the power, game over, you lose, collect your consolation prize and go home.

This why you’ve got to immediately establish that you have the upperhand,

Here’s one of my favorite “power plays” early on,

When you’re out at a bar or restaurant, say, “what do you want to drink?”

Then order her something completely different and say, “you’re going to like this much better.”

Its playful but it establishes right off the bat that you’re not afraid to call the shots,

Get Her to Buy You a Drink

Here’s another one, get her to buy you a drink.

If she asks for a drink say “you got this round?”

Or if you’ve already bought her one, when you finish your drink show her your empty glass and say “your turn.”

You’ll be amazed that the simple trick of getting her to pull out her wallet and buy you a drink boosts her attraction towards you,

Its like her brain is subconsciously going “I must really like this guy”,

Get Her Chasing Your Validation

Here’s a story rob (co-creator of Unlock Her Legs) just told me about some 22 year old crossfit instructor he banged last night,

“So, the first couple times i tried talking to her she blows me off, One time she was even pretty rude about it. Now since she’s in my social circle, i run into her at parties pretty often,

So i see her at a party and i pull her aside and say, “let me take you on a ‘game of thrones’ date” (someone told me she’s a big fan.) And she got all excited and was like, “you like game of thrones too?”

And i playfully said, “no, that’s for nerds and people who don’t have sex,which are you”,

And she told me last night (as she was putting her panties back on) that when i did that she got a little offended but it also made her start paying attention to me,

Once i had her attention I used the scrambler to make her earn my respect,

I made her jump through a bunch of hoop… I got her addicted to my validation rather than the other way where you’re chasing hers. Even if she doesn’t like you initially (which i don’t think she did), you can actually turn the tables and it becomes more of a challenge to her pride than anything else,”


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