8 Common Behaviours that make You Look Needy

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There’s not a day that goes by when a guy doesn’t email us asking for advice on a specific girl confused as to why he’s not “getting physical” with her even though she seems to like him,

The truth is most guys confuse “boyfriend behavior” with “get her into bed” behavior.

And if you start displaying “boyfriend behavior” BEFORE you’ve gotten her into bed, you come across as needy
and TRY HARD, (and will NEVER sleep with her)

Here are some examples of “boyfriend behavior” that if displayed too much, too soon, will KILL her attraction towards you.

1. Trying too hard to find commonalities and rapport.
2. Focus on showing her that you have a good job, like to travel, and other “impress her” traits.
3. Taking her side when she bad mouthed players, and act like you’re totally the opposite of those “jerks.”
4. Respecting her too much to make a move.
5. Being too generous towards her.
6. Listening to all her problems and trying to solve them for her.
7. Make a lot of compromises so that you get along better.
8. Paying too much attention to her.

If you’ve been dating a girl for a year, it is fine to do all of those things for a girl. And if you want to keep her, you probably have to.

But, when you’re first meeting a girl the LAST thing you want to do is demonstrate what a great boyfriend you would be.


Because it DOES NOT create attraction in a girl. Each of the traits listed above create more “comfort” than sexual attraction, and will usually land you in the friend zone if you start acting that way BEFORE sleeping with her.

Also, when you start acting like her boyfriend before you’ve slept with her, you’ve already handed HER the power. And once she is holding the power, its VERY unlikely you’ll EVER sleep with her.

Here’s the good news: Even if you’ve already displayed some of the traits listed above to a girl, you can still get her into bed.


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